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Ford Mustang

Part#: 19535
2018-2023 Ford Mustang xMOD Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

Discover the innovative Ford Mustang GT xMOD Series featuring No Drone Technology. The revolutionary xMOD Series offers a completely modular exhaust system with all the benefits a MagnaFlow premium exhaust is known for: lifetime warrantied stainless steel construction, dyno-proven performance featuring straight-through mufflers and fast-flowing mandrel bent pipes. xMOD takes modifying your Mustang's exhaust to the next level of personalization.


To configure your Mustang for the sound you want, when you want it, xMOD Mustang GT provides all the components in the box to achieve distinct sound character changes in combination with 4 total sound levels: Stealth, Street, Competition or Race. With a MagnaFlow xMOD Series premium performance exhaust system, you choose just how wild or mild you want to be: enjoy track day sound with xMOD xTreme Deletes, or a deep aggressive street sound with xMOD Muffler Modules. Race-bred V-Band clamps make this modification easy.


MagnaFlow's NDT utilize 1/4 wave passive noise cancellation to remove unwanted drone that can occur when creating a maximum performance, high flow exhaust system. The NDT resonators are tuned for the common drone frequency range of the stock Mustang acoustics and take into consideration some of the most common bolt-on modifications. This means that no matter which Muffler Modules you choose, the in-cabin experience will be comfortable without unwanted drone.


Stealth, Street, Competition or Race? See the different xMOD Mustang exhaust configurations and listen to the sound they produce. The xMOD Series allows you to easily configure the sound experience you want for your Mustang GT.


Our development team delivered a straight-through, unrestricted performance design in the Mustang xMOD exhaust system that provides power gains over stock of up to 16-18 HP and 15-16 lb-ft of torque on a stock calibration..


Learn more about the xMOD Series technology, features and components in our Ford Mustang xMOD Tech Talk video.