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2021-2023 Ram TRX

Part#: 19552
2021-2023 Ram 1500 xMOD Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

Experience MagnaFlow’s first modular truck exhaust with the Ram TRX xMOD Series Cat-Back Exhaust system featuring No Drone Technology (NDT). We’ve carried over our experience designing xMOD cat-backs for the Dodge Challenger and Charger platforms to the RAM TRX, including all of the dyno-proven performance and durability benefits that you have come to expect from MagnaFlow’s straight-through muffler designs and stainless-steel construction covered by a lifetime warranty. Easily change the sound of your TRX by utilizing the quick release functionality of our race-bred V-band clamps, with three different modules included to provide full flexibility in creating the tone that's right for you.

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MagnaFlow’s xMOD series is designed to give you the ability to configure your vehicle’s power and sound utilizing three specifically engineered, interchangeable modules. Easily switch from the signature deep rumble of MagnaFlow’s straight-through mufflers to the throaty and vibrant split personality of the NDT Delete Module with No Drone Technology. Alternatively, announce your arrival with the motorsports inspired straight-pipe sound of the xMOD xTreme Deletes Module. With xMOD, you have the control to create the exact exhaust sound that you’re looking for.

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The Muffler Modules will enhance your Ram TRX with MagnaFlow’s proven straight-through muffler design and signature deep rumble. While it is the tamest xMOD sound configuration, the Muffler Module is a perfect choice for when you want to stealthily increase the performance of your TRX while maintaining that classic 6.2L Hemi sound.

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The best of both worlds. Jekyll and Hyde. These are perhaps the best ways to describe versatility offered by the NDT Delete Module. Our engineers designed this configuration to create an aggressive, throaty exhaust sound under acceleration while maintaining a more stock-like tone under highway driving conditions. This is all made possible with MagnaFlow’s No Drone Technology, or NDT, which is our solution to the unwanted in-cabin noise that can sometimes occur in car with a high-performance exhaust system. By using ¼-wave passive noise cancellation tuned to the acoustic frequency range that causes drone in the TRX, the NDT resonators ensure this xMOD system delivers the highest level of performance with a comfortable interior sound. 

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Unrestricted, unencumbered, and unleashed. The xTreme Delete module is for the TRX owner who wants to let their prey hear them coming. This configuration is the lightest and most hardcore of the three, for when you desire pure performance and sound over everything else. Be warned, while xMOD exhaust systems are 100% emissions legal, the use of the xTreme Deletes is recommended for track and off-road use only. Check local sound regulations for legality.